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Your astrology chart is your soul blueprint, and this magical wisdom has been available to you since the dawn of time. Now, you can finally learn how to decode it in a way that is modern, relevant, and easy to understand!

In Unlock Your Cosmic Calling, you'll learn how to translate the language of the stars in order to read an astrology chart so you can discover what the universe has secretly had planned for you all along. Are you ready to take the power to create your own destiny on your own terms into your own hands?


If you've been interested in astrology for a while, you may have wondered how anyone can even learn all this stuff! Perhaps you've pored over confusing astrology books or you've tried to Google your way through your chart.

While the astrological explanations may have been intriguing enough to capture your attention, you may have been left wishing there was a better way to understand the stars that was easier, more cohesive & modern.

As someone who has had the amazing opportunity to study under several accomplished astrologers and to analyze hundreds of astrology charts for my clients - on top of tracking the cosmic cycles for myself and my readers on a daily basis - I've learned that astrology is a universal language ANYONE can understand when it's broken down in a simple, relevant way.

Unlock Your Cosmic Calling is the culmination of everything I know about astrology, translated in a way that is not only modern and relevant but also much easier to understand.

You will finally be able to become your own astrologer while also discovering new ways to directly apply astrology to your life & career and create a conscious awareness of the planetary energy that already affects everything around us. Are you ready to become more in tune with yourself & the energetic make-up of the universe?


Here's what you'll learn...

Level 1: Decoding Your Cosmic Blueprint

Dive deep into your soul's essence as written in the stars while learning all of the elements needed to decode an astrology chart for yourself & others.

1) Finding Your Soul's Essence

2) Discovering Your Greatest Strengths

3) Making a Planetary Map of Your Inner & Outer Worlds

4) Uncovering Your Past Life Karma & Future Destiny

5) Connecting Threads: Angles of the Zodiac

Level 2: Forecasting the Future

Discover how to forecast the future by analyzing planetary movements and utilizing seasonal cycles to create astrological energy forecasts for yourself and others.

1) Observing the Signs of the Seasons

2) Manifesting with the Moon

3) Tracking and Translating Collective Transits into Horoscopes & Forecasts

4) How to Predict Your Own Future

*BONUS: Download my personal iCalendar to keep track of Void Moons & all of the major planetary movements.

Level 3: Love & Business Compatibility

Learn how to compare two charts side-by-side to discover exactly what two entities truly need from each other to feel balanced and fulfilled.

1) Compatibility 101

2) Love & Romance Compatibility

3) Analyzing a Business Chart

*BONUS: Location Compatibility - Learn where to move or travel for life & career success by diving into the study of Astrocartography.


Live Monthly Q+A
Group Calls

Get access to our private student-only Facebook Group to join together with fellow intuitive truth seekers from around the world to ask questions, share insights, practice your skills, and attend monthly live video calls for ongoing personalized support.

+ Plus additional links & resources to help you continue your studies forever!

For those who never want the learning to stop, I'm sharing all of my favorite resources to give you the option to go beyond this course and dive in even deeper to advanced astrological concepts after you've gotten a solid foundation for learning in place.

"I found the course extremely helpful and would recommend it to both beginner and advanced astrologers; in fact, although I have studied Astrology for some time, I was able to not only come to a deeper understanding of the heavens but also learn some new things. I’ve followed Soulshine Astrology’s work for some time and appreciate how Natalie is able to take complex, 'woo' topics and explain them in a simplified way that is both informative and approachable - and that she does so in such a positive, inspiriting, and empowering way. This course was so enjoyable and the additional resources were extremely helpful."

Courtlyn Grant
Intuitive Astrologer at Rhys + Rei

"The course was very well structured and organized. I loved the prompts in the worksheets synthetising what we learnt. I loved learning more about my natal moon phase and how it's related to my purpose. The extra resources linking to other pages for additional insight were great specially the ones on the lunar nodes. Overall, I loved the experience and Natalie is always available on the FB group to answer any questions."

Orne Hebron

"I feel so lucky to have found Unlock Your Cosmic Calling! Natalie has a huge talent for conveying astrological information in a simple and practical format that is organized and beautiful. She shares her special formula for finding work that is your soul's purpose, and in this course you learn how to apply that formula to yourself and others. This key component is the shimmering diamond of this course for me, I've never found this information anywhere else! This course has given me tools to do astrological writing for my own business, and to me that is priceless! I would highly recommend Unlock Your Cosmic Calling for anyone interested in astrology because it will open up new doors of understanding for the world around you, your own life, and your career."

Kelsey Roenau

"The course was structured very well. Natalie has a simple way to explain this complex issue and leave space and inspiration for your own interpretation. It's motivating and I perceive Natalie's passion! She is passing the flame! The course helped me to understand myself and has helped me support & understand others."

Mareike Dittmer

"Unlock Your Cosmic Calling is THE astrology course for up and coming business owners. The beautiful graphics and clarity presented in the workbooks as well as videos make for a soothing, open minded classroom. The course is aimed for independence, so whichever your calling may be, you will feel compelled to act on it. Not to mention the course is fully supported by Natalie and filled with educational resources (books, apps, websites, podcast and more) to better your astrology path. If you are nervous in beginning your astrology journey or just want to learn astrology’s basics, sign up! It will change your daily life!"

Brilla Samay

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Bonus Masterclass:
How to Read Charts for Clients


Frequently Asked Questions 🔮

Couldn't I somehow just learn all of this information on my own?
When you learn astrology from many different sources, books, and websites, this can often result in a disjointed understanding of your chart as a whole. You may think you know what your Sun Sign & Moon Sign mean, but how do they work together? How do each of the vast amount of elements that make up *you* come together and what can you do with this information?

In this course, I teach you how to think like an astrologer to view the bigger picture of what makes you you. You will gain an intuitive understanding of astrology that will allow you to ditch Google - and maybe even horoscope columns forever - because you'll learn how to come to your own interpretations by gaining a deeper knowledge of how the underlying patterns & cycles of astrology connect in a way that is especially modern, powerful, and relevant for you.

How long do I have to finish the course? This is a self-study course which means you can go at your own pace... whether that means consuming every video in one weekend, or taking several months to complete them all. Once you've enrolled, you'll have lifetime access to all of the content as long as the course is running! You will receive weekly e-mail reminders to keep going with the course to help you stay on track, but you can choose to turn them off if you'd like.

Will I become a certified astrologer from taking this course? This course was initially created to make it easy for anyone to learn astrology so they can decode their own birth chart, but over time, it has become a rich and vast library of information that has allowed many students to go on to become astrologers or to use astrology in their work with clients as coaches & creatives as well as to write forecasts and horoscopes.

That being said, this is not an official certification program (nor do you actually need to be certified to become an astrologer), but you are welcome to ask any questions you have about starting your own practice in our community. We also offer the option to trade practice readings with other students in the course so you can gain experience reading charts for others.

Even for intermediate to advanced astrology students, you are likely to learn new facets, gain extra practice, and will be able to become part of a community of other astrologers and astrology students that you can tap into as a resource for knowledge, feedback, and clarification anytime you get stuck on something while working with astrology beyond the course.

When will the Live Monthly Q+A calls be scheduled? What if I have to miss them? We have students from all over the world in many different time zones, so during the first week of every month, we run a poll in our online community to vote on a date & time to chat live together. The date/time that is chosen will then be based on which option gets the most votes. If you can't make it live, you're still welcome to ask your questions in the group anytime and the replay will always be posted in the group shortly after the call finishes.



Hi, I'm Natalie Walstein, a professional full-time astrologer at Soulshine Astrology and I was voted #1 for Best Horoscopes by Spirit Guides Magazine.

I've been interested in astrology since I was a teenager, but it wasn't until I was in my 20's that I got my first astrology book and discovered what my astrological birth chart really looked like. I found it to be absolutely fascinating, but the interpretations in the book were SO confusing!

It wasn't until later that I decided to give it another go, studying everything I could get my hands on including attending countless seminars, reading books, and studying beneath many accomplished astrologers.

I realized that nearly everyone made astrology confusing - but I was convinced it didn't need to be! Once I discovered there was a simple pattern behind this powerful ancient wisdom that has the power to change everyone's lives by bringing them clarity around the blueprint of their soul, I knew I needed to step up make it my mission to be the one to demystify it and teach it.  >> Read more



*Do you have questions about the course? Feel free to get in touch by e-mailing us at [email protected].

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